Reviews by AshesBurnt

Review for The Morning Commute
05 Nov 2014
Very interesting! Apart from a few continuity errors, the gameplay is near flawless. The game itself is humorous and quirky. And this was only your first game... Keep writing, I'd really like to see more from you soon!

04 Nov 2014
Very interesting, I enjoyed the amount of freedom you had with your choices. Although it was rather short, this is the type of game I come to for -- short, sharp little games with fun quirks and plenty of room to experiment.

Review for Aisle
20 Oct 2014
This is a piece of art. The character development through some of these commands is amazing. And, after going through most of these, the >smile command almost made me cry (is that a bad thing? doubt it). Great work, and I hope to see more from you soon.