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Reviews by Tony

17 Apr 2010
That was pretty entertaining. I managed to get 120 out of 125 upon completion. I wonder what I missed? Wasn't sure about solving Clue 3. I ended up using an internet translator which got me close enough to realise what the message said. Was there an easier way in the game to solve this?

I was flummoxed by the ball room light switch as well. I found it by accident by "turning on light" even though I had no idea there was a switch. Is there a trick to finding the switch first?

I'd already won the game with the happy ending and 3 trophies(BK E SS) but I was stuck finding the remaining trophies, particularly the exorcism.

I'd read the old book with the exorcism details and I'd tried using the salt and holy water on the grave and get the "you can't do that yet" responses. Tried it before and after giving the skull to the ghost. Such an easy solution in the end. And that trophy leads to the final trophy.

I thought the combination puzzle for the inner sanctum was particularly amusing.

That's the Shiversword and Loin games all played in the last couple of weeks. I'm an addict. Great games.


14 Feb 2010
That was just challenging enough. Took me ages to realise that losing the coupon was meant to happen to trigger P. Knutt offering me work to progress the game. Ran around for ages holding the coupon trying to find another way to buy the cat food. Once I surrendered the coupon things took off. Great ending too. Teased me right in to d/l Magic Harp.

Review for The Mansion II
14 Feb 2010
Another 5/5 from me. Played thru to both endings. Lost count of how many times I realised I'd left the GPT 10 rooms back again. Ha ha. Back in the mid-80s I'd have been glad to have paid £15 for a game this good.