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Review for Just Another Day
07 Feb 2018
Doesn't work for me so >:( it looked interesting

Review for The Hospital
05 Feb 2018
Short but i wanted all the endings and to explore everything is you like finding all the endings this is a great game but once you´ve got them all, all replayability dies sadly

12 Jan 2018
sorry the concept would be a 3 star but the lack of length really killed it for me so its a 3 star but i recommend a game where you are the dragon but longer

Review for Dragon Quest
12 Jan 2018
Great story I was very enticed to continue looking for new deaths and endings there were some things I was not fond of Like lack of customizations, I wasn't really into my character I was more interested in the story than myself I didńt feel immersed in the world. so that was an issue also I wish the game was longer I felt just as I started to get into the story it would abruptly end which ruined my immersion. but despite these issues I played this game 10 times so it was a fun game I enjoyed it and definitely recommend it and could play it again I like it when I get to play a fantasy RPG as a dragon its different.