Combining game sections!!!!!

There was an idea brought up at about having many people simultaneously constructing separate portions of a large multi-branching game. After I asked how hard it would be to combine everything, there was a rapid series of references to things I'm not familiar with, but I was wondering how that might work if someone tried to do it with Quest. Is it possible to do something similar to compiling separate game files, or could you have people write branches of game as library files and add them to a primary game file?

The way I'd do it is probably to create a 'base' file containing the game element, start room, player object, and any common functions you need.

The different creators could all create their own sections, test them, and once they're working properly move all their code (everything that wasn't in the template) into a library file. Combining them together is just a case of including all the libraries in one game.

I think if I was organising something like this, I'd probably create a couple of functions like GetNextPartDestination and GetPreviousPartDestination that each creator can use to connect the parts together; so that if you change the order of parts, or if one creator drops out, there's not much difference in the code.

You'd probably also need some kind of naming conventions. For example, prefixing room/object names with your initials to avoid collisions.

It would be a little extra work, but not impossible.

First of all, that idea is hilarious, especially if you don't apply an genre restrictions.

I agree with mrangel; naming conventions and some stanrdization are required for this project to work.

Infact, a similar idea (having multiple games in one) has been already done, althought i wasn't Quest. I will edit the link in here later as proof-of-work.

Since Quest is a good tool, there migth actually only few "higher" coding involved. If all authors start working from the same central room, expanding into different directions, it would be as easy as copying their game sections into the "master game". Like, literally copying them, using something like notepadd++.

EDIT: ( link:
Agains, this isn't Quest, but the author even had to combine games from different engines together, so i think it's gonna be a (relative) cakewalk.

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