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Reviews by Zesc

Review for Threehole Hospital
04 Sep 2019
Entertaining. Albeit the replayability not very long, yet amusing. The author certainly knew the english language, but should have run the game through a spellchecker to catch for typographic mistakes nonetheless.

Review for Not A Game.
04 Sep 2019
Calling this a "game" is far fetched. It's at best a Proof-of-Concept regarding some gimmicks. I'd honestly be suprised if there are more than ten complete sentences in the whole "game". The self-referential title is what saved this from 1 Star.

26 Jun 2019
This game allows me to do one of my favourite actions in interactive fiction: Annoying the narrator.

And else... it's surreal, it's wierd, it's humorous... and probably having subtle surreal horror? I really don't know how to describe this.

The story is hard to follow and only really makes sense over multiple playthroughs, but it's otherwise enjoyable enough. Being stingy with praise, i'll deem this acceptable.

Review for Choice of Robots
16 May 2019
I played the Steam version of this little gem.

As most Choice of Games, there is really nothing to complain about UI and accessibility. Everything is intuitive, and the game gives you recaps of former chapters, important for a game of this length.

Also typical for Choice of Games, the game is extremly linear at the beginning, but branching out rapidly towards the end. As stated above, there are only 4 major endings though. (5, if you count dieing.) Yet there is enough diversity to make it worthwhile to achieve the same ending multiple times.

The story is neatly written, and the author manages to capture every emotion as good as possible in a game that spans a whole human live. The humour is mostly subtle (almost snarky, at times) but i'm the last one to complain about that.

Most of the story is hard sci-fi / borderline speculative fiction. However, the technical details only play a (very) minor role, and everything is explained when necessary.

At the end a minor nitpick: there is a certain scene in which it is terribly ambigous whether a certain character dies or not, but it is not explicitly resolved. Context makes it obvious what happened, but it is very confusing at first.