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Hi, I'm new here and been working on a game for a few days. I've been working on the web version, as it's simpler and doesn't involve downloading anything. However, I found that a lot of the options can be obtained only on certain version of... whatever it is. Should I change it, or is there a way to somehow edit it?

Basically, I want to create my own attributes.

you can still do so on the online/web version of quest, but you can only do so through scripting:

run as script -> add new script -> 'variables' section/category -> 'set a variable or attribute' Script -> (see below)


which can be used to create/add/set Attributes (and their initial Values) and/or also to manipulate/adjust/change/re-set their Values

for examples:

set variable player.strength = [EXPRESSION] 100
set variable player.alias = [EXPRESSION] "HK"
set variable player.weapon = [EXPRESSION] katana
set variable katana.damage = [EXPRESSION] 50
set variable player.damage = [EXPRESSION] player.weapon.damage + player.weapon.damage * player.strength / 100
set variable player.flying = [EXPRESSION] false
set variable player.flying = [EXPRESSION] true
set variable = [EXPRESSION] 100
set variable orc.condition = [EXPRESSION] "alive"
set variable orc.condition = [EXPRESSION] "dead"
set variable orc.condition_list = [EXPRESSION] split ("normal;alive", ";")
set variable orc.condition_list = [EXPRESSION] split ("alive;poisoned", ";")
set variable orc.condition_list = [EXPRESSION] split ("dead", ";")
set variable game.greeting [EXPRESSION] "Welcome to my game, I hope you enjoy it!"
set variable game.conditions_list [EXPRESSION] split ("normal;alive;dead;poisoned;paralyzed;petrified;asleep;stunned;silenced;confused;undead", ";")

but the desktop/offline version of quest has its full functionality, if you can, it's really better to use the desktop/offline version...

here's a guide on Attributes and the 'if' Script usage, though it's for the desktop/offline version, but the scripting itself is the same, only the ways of accessing the scripting differs:

you should be able to transfer your game (code) from web/online to desktop/offline, I think.

just download your '' online/web/published game file onto your computer, unzip it (to get at the actual 'xxx.aslx' quest files of your game), and the desktop/offline quest with its GUI/Editor should hopefully be able to open up your 'xxx.aslx' game file.

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