Reviews by jmnevil54

Review for Fiona
05 Jul 2019
Good story. I ended up killing everyone on accident. I hope there's a good ending too.

I would play it again if I were into reading.

Review for StoreyMinus
08 Apr 2019
I exited the game soon.
I was in there 4 hours and 28 minutes. I covered 6 areas. I found 1 trinket. I had a final score of 11.

Very nice maze game. It needs more suspense, it could use more obstacles, maybe monsters or spikes.

Review for Venus Meets Venus
04 Nov 2018
I'm still confused as to what happened. I skipped through a lot of this game. It just isn't my type of story, too boring, too sexual. Then the plot hit me like a ton of bricks. A girl has a girlfriend. Girl 2 leaves, girl 1 cheats on her with a girl she met at a bar, a trans girl with a penis. Then girl 1 forgets girl 3 and forgets ever being with her. Girl 2 finds out, and is super mad, but cannot find a good reason to break up. Also, the author implied girl 1 might be pregnant with girl 3's child, but it was never addressed again, so apparently she wasn't.

Excellent story, if you're into that sort of thing.

Review for Good Night
20 Oct 2018
I played it. It was a good game. Not my taste, but I'm sure it's to someone's taste.
Well done design and story. Game and font looks good. It's a bit confusing at times, but I got through most of the game.

Review for Eat Cow To Live
18 Jul 2018
You kill a cow. You eat the cow. I died twice. It's very short. It's very violent.

29 Jun 2018
I did not see a proper ending, I think, but it was a proper horror story. It scared the crap out of me, so I guess you accomplished what you wanted.

The flashlight scene at the end.... *shivers

Review for Fantomina
16 Jun 2018
I cannot believe you completely erased the player look description, and then submitted the game as is.
Cool prank. I'd give 4/5 stars, but people don't understand sarcasm. Or passive aggretion. So here's 2.

12 Feb 2018
Very beautiful! Nice story!

Review for Space Invaders
21 Dec 2017
Nice graphics!

Could have done better with some music.

17 Dec 2017
You're right, it is not not holy and unremarkable.

I got bored, and after two play-throughs I have not won yet. I lost my chance to get the beer.
3/5 stars.