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Can anyone categorize the two remaining uncategorized games. I’m not bilingual enough. :)


Can you give links and languages?






The Spanish one looks like it's some kind of school project; a gamebook with two choices, both of which are to lie or tell the truth.

The Russian one, I played for a few minutes, looks interesting enough. (My Russian isn't up to that level, I was using Google translate for most of it), but it seems to be historical. Big chunks of text about the world, with the choices being mostly which bits you want to see; whether or not you want to read about the rumours. I didn't play long enough to see if there's actual gameplay later, or if it's more like an interactive presentation.

Got it. Thanks.

I added a comment on both of those games. The Spanish game is a romance/history game. And yeah, mrangel is right. The Russian game is completely historical.

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