General Feedback Pokemon game

I have been working on this game for sometime now.

I just don't know what to do with it. I have a few ideas scattered here and there, but other than that, I'm afraid it just looks like the game it is based off of.

So put feedback, advice, typos, etc. down.
Work in progress.
Made on online editor.

P.S. Don't try fighting. Doesn't work.
Also, the listing page is what I temporarily use to keep links for later.

Alright. I got my new game updated to a point past my old games! ...Both the old gamebook, and the old text adventure...

Alright, I just started on Goldenrod City!

Edit: Holy crap! I did not know you could paste the quest edit code... Well... that might make things easier, I guess... Or not...

Edit 2: I fixed a few scripting issues. I didn't want to take Anonynn's thunder on his post...

Recently updated the first room.

Added and messed around with gym leaders.

I got Ecruteak city. And Morty.

Edit: Updated the Status pane, Updated the listing.

I fixed a few glitches.

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