Making an arabic game

So I've been trying to make an Arabic game and I'm just starting out. So far adding a verb in Arabic tells me that it's an invalid attribute name.

The verb is however added to the verbs menu but cannot be added to objects.
Is there anyway to get around this by editing source code or fiddling with the settings?

Thank you in advance

You will have to recreate the game in Arabic.

I think...

There is a language option either in the creating process, or in the listings... not sure.

jmne is correct.

It's throwing that error because Quest only recognizes certain characters when naming objects, verbs, commands, functions, etc...

This may help:

Alternatively, you could make a command instead of a verb, then I think you could use Arabic characters for the command pattern. (When you create a verb, Quest turns that into a command anyway.)

As long as you give each command (or other object) you create an English name, you should be able to change the command pattern and alias to whatever you want. (I think.)

It should certainly be feasible if you are using the desktop version. Quest is designed to support other languages, and as far as I know the different alphabet would not be a problem. The link in K.V.'s post details how to do it. Depending on how comprehensive you want to be, it could be some effort, but if you do create a full and working translation, send it to me, and I will add it to Quest so everyone can use it (including in the web version).

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