Yee Haw

For the last two years, I have been using my phone tethered to my computer to get the internet. At 10 MBS of download speed. Today, I got home internet at 110 MBS. Need I say more?

Was a new tower erected in your area that you are connected to??? Did your area upgrade to a new "G" rating? From 4G to the new 5G???
I'm at the limit of my local tower, I get 1 bar signal... :( (at best!)

(Lucky you!!!)

No. I got Spectrum internet for the house. Quit using the phone. 😎

@DarkLizerd We don't have towers where I live. We have satellites that bring internet to phones. I guess that might be weird I don't know, I'm not an expert at phones. My mom uses AT&T and while walking outside it gets 3 - 4 bars. Inside it gets 1 - 3 bars. I use an old tracphone because I have destroyed multiple, multiple electronics on accident. I get 1 - 5 bars, by E. I have no idea what E stands for, but I have it!

We get regular internet by a cable. Not a landline, a cable. It plays YouTube for a day just fine.

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