Want scripts?

I know it's a long shot, but I figure it's worth a try.

I've been poking Quest for quite a while now; though the only games I've really shared are a remake of the first computer game I ever played, and a couple of tech demos. I think I don't have the time to commit to building a huge project, but I still like helping other people.

So I was wondering, given the current sorry state of my finances, if there's anyone on here who might be willing to offer moneys for some amount of scripting work. It's a very long time since I've done software development, and I wouldn't be expecting normal professional rates. But if you have the ideas and need some help with the code side of things, maybe you can make me an offer.

(Or if there's anyone appreciating all the code fragments I've already shared here, and wants to help me keep a roof over my head, please check out my new book Nightmare Season, or some of my older ones; and put a dollar or two towards keeping me on the right side of the big red line. Tell your friends, buy a book, leave a review, or even comment/share posts from my facebook page; every gesture of support is much appreciated)

Thanks for reading; and hope this post doesn't taste too much like spam.

Thank you. I am staying temporarily at my parents', but I will think about it. I friended you on Facebook. Jack Daniel.

As a general rule. I don't post ads or unrelated content to my facebook pages.
However, for some reason I felt I could make an exception this time.
I found the post to your book and shared it on my page. I only have 16k followers, but maybe it'll help you out.
Good luck.

That's a lot more followers than me :) Many thanks

Do you do javascripts? Just need a few small ones. And to use with local storage.

At the moment I seem to have mostly descended into panic; can't keep my mind on one problem for more than a few minutes.
I can try, but can't promise when I'll be able to get back to you.

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