Humble bundle and unity have hugely dropped in quality

If you see my games, they have a simple icon as display picture.
They are actually legal art assets that I have purchased long ago.

But today I bought again on humble bundle which is once again on discount,
it is alright that they are advertising unity so I got pushed to unity and a game creation website which requires $$$.
So it was very confusing which one I should go to, eventually the game creation website is completely an ad.

In the past, I could just download 1000 pictures from humble bundle, but now I have to search through unity on how to redeem and get my fish pictures, it was impossible, after going through support and screenshotting many error happenings, then they start releasing the correct tutorial on how to redeem, hurray I redeemed, but it was actually redeemed on unity website.

So it is alright, I can learn some unity and improve myself as a game developer, and maybe be able to chat with unity game developers in real life. And holy...downloads after downloads, questions after questions by the installer on what I need to download. Phew! After going through the lengthiest downloader and installer in my life, mind you I am a curious person and have downloaded many free apps online, I finally was able to open this very funny unity game engine.

And I cannot open my fish pictures. Tries after tries, I was finally able to unblock the advertisements on either unity on the ad 2nd game creation website, and it did not work. I was stumped, eventually I opened a project in unity while opening my web browser and click download pictures, guess what? Guess what? I still do not have my fish pictures. All of these clicking looks like they are downloading, but actually they do not work.

Anyway, I figured that I have to import my fish pictures from unity website to my unity program and then dig through it and find that exact fish picture and open it and click save as. All that for a fish picture, very nice. I do not want to hear advertisements about other game creation websites that costs $999, I do not want to hear advertisements about 50% discount on art assets that costs $99 for some 2D pictures, and if there are some errors in downloading when clicking, shouldn't you prompt the user that something has gone wrong?

And if you are wondering why I did not leave a review there, that is because they do not allow me to, lol.
And if you think humble bundle is great for charity, 80% of my payment goes to the sneaky art asset seller, 5% goes to plant a seed, 15% goes to humble bundle. What generous charity to... our big forests??? If humble bundle ever sees this, I implore you to double check your sellers, and require them to write a full statement on how to redeem and claim their games or assets, and make sure they do not give the wrong instructions and make people go in circles just to advertise their own sneaky website.

And you think spamming reviews is going to help?

And you think spamming reviews is going to help?

I guess you are talking about me reviewing other games, which is strange as you do a lot of game reviews as well.

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