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27 Nov 2023
It’s still very frustrating that there’s no real walkthrough for this.

25 Nov 2023

25 Nov 2023
As good as this is, it is very frustrating that there isn’t any sort of walkthrough for it.

Review for Mabel's House
25 Nov 2023
No password to open the door.

Review for A Small World
04 Nov 2023
It’s fine, but there’s not a whole lot you can do with the sister, mom, and teachers.

Review for Ex-Human to Tiny
24 Oct 2023
Everything now feels so random and up to chance that it’s become unenjoyable.

Review for Family diner
14 Oct 2023
Pedophile’s sick fantasy.

Review for Micro Mishap
19 Sep 2023
Nothing’s showing up. It’s just blank.

29 Aug 2023

27 Aug 2023
Error at the start of game. It makes impossible to play it.

Review for Kitsune
25 Aug 2023
I'm having issues trying to play as it says that it can't reach site writer.inklestudios.com

18 Aug 2023
The Home admittedly feels unfinished.

Review for giantess
21 Jul 2023
This is straight-up pedophilia.

Review for a litttle trip
20 Jun 2023
You should’ve probably waited before releasing this.

Review for Shrunk in house
13 Apr 2023
Torch charge system is still glitchy, leading to a couple errors.

Review for The Dare (Giantess)
26 Mar 2023
This game has a lot of potential, but too many errors and issues that make it difficult (if not impossible) to complete.

Review for Lillivale
26 Mar 2023
Game won’t even start.

06 Mar 2023
I guess the game is discontinued again.

Review for Noxik Vore Story
05 Mar 2023
The link is potentially dangerous and might be harmful to your device. Do not play this game.

17 Feb 2023
There’s nothing in this.

Review for A Shrunken Home
13 Jan 2023
Since the latest update, it has essentially become unplayable.

02 Nov 2022
It’s good, but once you get to 1/4 size, the paths are extremely limited and you can only interact with Sophie (feet).

Not sure if it’s only on the online version or not.

Review for Elsa's Motel 0.4
14 Oct 2022
You need to provide us with a walkthrough. There’s no way to pass the lounge area.

15 Sep 2022
Rageful, this game isn't playable.

12 Sep 2022
Terrible. If you’re going to post an awful game for views, you’re best off not posting anything.

It’s a waste of time. Both people who play it and your own.

Review for Shrink accident
31 Aug 2022
Excellent writing and content. Though there are two issues.

It is VERY easy to not know what to do or how to advance the plot.

Unfortunately, incest is a topic in here.

04 Aug 2022
This is more of a story and not a game.

03 Aug 2022
It has good moments, but it’s honestly a little too restrictive with its choices.

30 Jul 2022
Small, yet fun.

Hope to see other characters and possibly more fetishes.

21 Jul 2022
This has a lot of potential, but a walkthrough would be highly appreciated.

Review for Tiny Perspectives
22 Apr 2022
This game is extremely poor and confusing.

It doesn't explain how to trigger the interactions and some of them don't even work.

Review for Smallston
11 Apr 2022
Good game, though the hamster game is very difficult.