Thoughs on form of adress for the player?

I just wanted to ask around the more experienced IF community here what they think about the different ways of adressing the player.

Whilst it is pretty simple in english, where only you is an option to adress the player, it certainly is more difficult in other languages, like french. In french, there are two different pronouns for the first person singular (tu and vous), german even has three different forms!
One of these forms of adress is usually more formal than the colloquial other. It is somewhat like the different between the frist- and last-name basis in english.
Other languages, like hungarian or japanese have suffixes applied to names, based on social relations.
And even if we stay in english, there is still the issue of gender-neutral writting, that just gets worse in languages that must conjugate or inflect words based on gender.

Still reading? Good. Because i am curious what people's personal preferences are, and how they tend to deal with these issues in writting.

Using du in german is, for example, certainly helping the immersion, at the same time the game is just a piece of software whose right to exist is solely my enjoyment. It shouldn't have the right just to adress me in such an intimate way...

Thanks for fighting through the Wall of Text.

Interesting thought :)

I actually prefer the first-person style. Maybe because that was used in the Mysterious Adventures series, my first experience of text adventures. It gives the impression that the protagonist of the story is a person in their own right, to whom the player is giving instructions.

But that's cheating :P

I certainly can see where it comes from, or atleast which genre established this - the graphic adventure games, Sierra, LucasArts, etc. with their protagonists.

This is probably more an "JRPG" approach. Characters with own personalitites that are only steered by the player, instead of western "blank slate characters" to immerse oneself into.

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