A list of talents?

This is probably early I suppose, since it will probably take me several more months to finish this project, but oh well. I need ideas for different talents, that I could easily program. It's for Pokémon Showcases, that I thought I would put in for extra world building/immersion. It needs to be somewhat entertaining, and in some way involve Pokémon. So no math tricks.

Cooking (fire Pokémon)
Magic (any, but especially Psychic)

Also, I'll be doing it in a gamebook style, unlike the rest of my game, with functions and everything. I just said easy to program in case someone suggests math related card tricks, or "choosing whether you want to be fired out of a cannon or diving 50 feet into a foot of water, and then calculate the trajectory of your path, and then decide whether you want to do a flip, a barrel roll, or an Axel roll, then try to figure out how to land, then somehow figure out how to get a Pokémon in all of this..."

mining, hunting, gathering, farming, fishing, stealing/planting, sneaking, gardening/watering, lumber-jacking-chopping-down-trees, sleeping/resting (funny: pokemon eats them and they sleep/rest in its slimy belly, lol), singing/music-instrument-playing, pranking/tricking/deceiving, swimming, flying, floating, jumping, falling, gliding, hovering, reading, learning, summoning, healing, reviving, curing, treating, spelling, speaking, lying, flirting, flaunting, intimidating, complimenting, bribing, teasing, working, driving, running, crawling, climbing, swinging, digging, enchanting, imbuing, compelling, commanding, summoning, conjuring, tracking, trapping, gossiping, sewing, painting, drawing, building, inventing, cursing, blessing, transforming, teleporting, telekinesis, invisibility, etc etc etc

Eh. Funny. Fine.

I'm working on a RPG... so I'm still trying to brainstorm various actions/skills/abilities/etc ... and deciding on what are actions vs skills/abilities ... lol.

just thought I'd try to list some of them for you... though my brain wasn't working that well... and that's all I could come up with.

not sure if it's what you had in mind.... probably not... but meh...

if you want any more ideas, I made this old thread... trying to just compile a lot of various/common RPG aspects for people and myself into one place, for reference/ideas/use:


maybe might be of some use...

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