How do you add the save game and load game thing?

I played my recent published game as I was wondering if the save thing was there, and I could find a save button nor I don't think there is a command.
I don't know how to do that stuff, if you guys can please help me do save game, and load game

Do you work with the downloadable version of Quest or the web version?

I work with both mainly the downloadable version. I use the web version for practice stuff

I would also like an answer to this question - thought I'd best keep the thread alive!

Do you mean during play? (I assume so.)

If you're playing text adventures offline, you should be able to enter SAVE to save your game (or click a link (or button), if available in the game). I think it saves a file in the same directory as the game file. To load the save, you open that save file instead of the game file.

If you're playing text adventures online (or click a link (or button), if available in the game), you should still be able to enter SAVE to save your game, but loading works a little differently. When you are on the game's main page after creating a save, you should have the option to resume the game or to restart from the beginning.

If you are playing a gamebook, you can only save if you see a SAVE button (or link) to click. (Loading a save works just like the text adventures.)

If you are playing from the online editor, I don't think you can save (or load). I think you have to publish first, but, again, I'm not sure about this.

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