How is your working-flow?

So I'm working for a half year on my first idea. I restarted my project two times because I messed up...

My questions for the experienced Quest users/devs is: How is your working-flow?

Well, I'm not experienced so my answer might be void.

I'm creating a multi act game and the way I've been doing it is as follows.

Day #1 (no coding knowledge whatsoever)
I followed the tutorial and tried to understand it.
I then started Act I on my game. The only knowledge I had, I learned from the tutorial.

Day #2 - #present day
I decided what I wanted to happen in the game and then I tried to do it...

  • by trial/error
  • by searching the forums
  • by asking on the forums

I decided early on I wanted a computer running ms-dos in act I. That wasn't the smartest move since I didn't know any coding but I learned a great deal during the process of writing it. (it's, of course, not a fully functional DOS but it's very similar when it comes to the design and it has some traditional dos commands.)

When the first act was nearly finished I started writing the music for the intro/outro and the scenes.

I then took all I learned by creating act I and started working on act II.

Act I is very close to being finished. Act II will probably take ages.
(there will be at least 3 acts.)

Act II is a lot bigger than act I and the process has looked something like this (in this order):

  • Created a synopsis for the story

  • Started working on a script

  • Started creating the game world

  • Adding details (objects, characters etc) to the world

  • After that I started putting details in the details so to speak. Writing/rewriting room descriptions, object descriptions etc.

  • Create a structure for the different chapters (Act II is divided into chapters) and attributes and functions regulating the undefined flow of time ingame.

... and that's pretty much where I am at the moment.

I'd love to what other (experienced as well as inexperienced) devs working process looks like!


Year 3 --- still working on the game! Coming along steadily though :D


Now? Terrible. Well, it could be worse. Ever since I've been at my new job- Chik Fil A dishwasher, I've gotten less sleep, and I've been busy. But at least I work on it once every few weeks, in a two-three hour half binge session. At one time I would work on its my projects every day. At one time I would work on my projects every week.

Started my first project about a year ago and restarted two times, fortunately it was while it was still early in progress. I work with a personal wiki to track my progress. Every thing what must be done, ideas, connections, finished parts and things that need to be tested are written and checked in my wiki. Also the lore, places, items and characters of my game are written in the wiki.

Due to my job, studying and social duties it's not possible to work every day on my project. As my project grows the sessions get longer which I can't afford that much.

I started a simple side project for testing small concepts and play around with h things I can implent into my main project.

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