Quest and dropbox

Can you use the online editor and drop box to share a project with someone? To make it easier to update a project.

The only way I've come up with is creating an account both people have access to and creating/editing the game from that account.

WARNING: Do NOT edit simultaneously. The auto-save feature will wreak havoc if more than one person is editing at one time.

I've done this. It worked out quite well, BUT the account you create the game under will probably need to be the account you publish the game under, too.

Unless someone has access to the desktop editor. If that is the case, you can:

  • Download the game (.aslx) file from the Create screen.
  • Open the game and generate a new ID. (You can't submit a game if its ID matches a game which has already been submitted by another user.)
  • Publish the game (from within the desktop editor; I would call this "compiling", but I'm old and therefore lack proper terminology)
  • Submit the game file ( by uploading it via the preferred account

There may be another way to change the ID (like in a text editor), but it's a 'unique ID', so I'd have no idea what you'd need to do to generate your own (or if it's even possible).

This doesn't really help you at the moment, but...

We have a thread in which we are requesting the ability to upload .aslx files to edit online. (We're really just asking if it's possible, I guess.)

If this was possible, the steps would be something like this:

  1. Download the game file from the Create screen (we can already do this)
  2. Send that file to a collaborator
  3. The collaborator uploads it
  4. The collaborator edits it
  5. The collaborator downloads that revised file
  6. The collaborator sends the file back to you
  7. You upload the revised file
  8. Rinse and repeat

The web editor is finicky, so uploading a file to edit would definitely need to be tested out before this was implemented, and there would most assuredly be unforeseen issues after that.

If the web editor was used by each user, it probably wouldn't pose very many problems (if any).

I have heard that problems could arise if a file was edited in the desktop editor then fed back to the web editor, but I've never actually done it, so I'm really just talking out of hind-end...

NOTE: I'm just this guy. I don't work here. Someone else may drop in later with more accurate information. (I also assume you're wish is to NOT edit the game by copying and pasting one script at a time.)

Different ways.
Most people (on the forum, frequent) use Github.
I have sent code to people by Private messages and email before.
I have used Word documents and Deviantart.
Some people use WordPress.
Some people take screenshots of the code.

Libraries, for instance, would cause major problems.

I don't see any reason for that to be true. We know the web editor can use some libraries (Core or GamebookCore and a language library), and writing an editor that works with only a specific set of libraries would be a lot of effort with no reason behind it. I strongly suspect that libraries are like verb attributes: the web editor could handle them fine, but doesn't provide the user any way to view or change them.

the best answer is 'versioning' software, such as using github or whatever other free/paid software that's out there. Just google search: versioning software

(or just look at the link below)

Jay and/or others have mentioned 'mercurial', can be found in the link above, but I've not tried any of them, other than github, which totally confounds me, sighs. Though, I've not had the need for such software, as I just save backups and mostly work alone.

Libraries, for instance, would cause major problems.


I thought this was the case. 😁

I shall edit out the misinformation.

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