Just, please help me

There is one text adventure game , (that I can't say what it is), that had at the beginning a introduction text, and after that it had like option from the gamebook, but it had one option.
When I click on in, it took me to introduction of a room and what objects it had.
Later at that game the option from the gamebook came back and (again), when I click on it, it did the the same functions as previously.
Few days later I thought of making my own textadventure game and I wanted to add, that option from the gamebook, but I didn't known how to do it.
I've checked the tutorial, but it didn't helped?
You guys known how to do it?
P.S.: I known that it's in scripts, but which script option?


Commands. When you're typing, look at the right to see the options there.

stringlist into Show Menu can work too.

Wait. I think someone might help.

I might take a screenshot later, when I get to my grandparents' computer.

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