How do I delete images I've uploaded in my game?


When you upload an image in quest, where does it go? Will uploaded images I'm not using take up space? Can I delete them somehow? They show up when I browse images, but I can't delete them from the browse function. Thanks.

Not that I know.

Just delete the code that displays the image?

Obviously you will need to remove the image from Quest itself. So, find the Show Picture Scripts you have that you don't want and remove them from Quest.

That is not all though. As soon as you CHOOSE to run a show picture script, Quest grabs that file from your PC and moves it into the folder for your game. Even if you have deleted the image from the "Quest Code", if it remains in the game folder, Quest will package that with the .quest file even if it is not used!

So, in short, you need to find the image in your game folder and delete it or move it to another folder that is not the game folder for your .aslx file.

Please, others, correct me if I am wrong here. Thanks.


Thank you XanMag, you were correct. I was able to delete the pictures from the game folder.

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