Combat Libraries

Okay, so I've been going over old articles back to May 3rd to grab up advice given to other people about things I'd like to eventually work into my game (security cameras, vending machines) and I'm hoping to find some combat libraries. I've seen a few things here and there but having stumbled across a page that had a list of NPC Conversation helps and libraries ( I wondered if anyone had done the same for combat? I've seen the Zombie Apocalypse one but it's the web version and I'm playing around with the Core Combat Library to see if I can make it suit my purposes but my game is most post-apocalypse than fantasy unfortunately so it's not ideal for me.

So ... has anyone found a good list of combat libraries / write ups? I'll start listing them as I find them myself so worse comes to worse even if I can't find something easy for me, this should surely help some others.

What I have so far:

Look up the 'Pertex combat'. Or just turn based combat.

Also, I thought The Pixie made a second combat code for the desktop version.

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