[SOLVED] how to script by code

Since I can't script with the menu.
I'm going to have to use code.

Is there a way to see code for the scripts and learn it?

Problem so!bed by K.V,

Well, yes, yes, you can learn to code by looking at other code.

The best way to learn, I suggest, is to just try random code (or code blocks/clicker things) and see what works.

I like the code clicker button things the best.

Are you using the online version of Quest, or the computer/desktop Quest?

Some basic commands:
Print message.
Move to inventory.
Look at.

There is also a tutorial. Just go to the create section. Then look for this message:

Need help? Ask at the forums.

For Quest games, try the step-by-step tutorial.

And click on the bottom link. And bam, there's the tutorial!

Why can't you program through the menu???
That is the easiest way to start code blocks, then edit them as needed, if needed, in code view...

I'm on mobile tablet, and I'm online the menu circle things I click on them nothing happens.
There's no button to confirm it in the game.

Is it an Android?

If yes, are you using the stock browser?

If yes, can you update your browser or install apps (such as the Chrome browser, or Firefox)?

Okay, I may have figured something out...

This is what I get on my smaller tablet:


I click on Add new script, and I get this (just clicking the selection does nothing):


From there, I can't scroll down and I can't zoom out, but I can turn my device to get a vertical view of the page:


Now I can press that OK button I couldn't see before!


And now I can do stuff!!!


Or, you can click Code View to get to the bit where you enter scripts manually:


@K.V thanks it worked, I turned it and saw the button. And I got chrome

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