SpawnZombie "In Room Description"

When using SpawnZombie from Mr. Pixie's zombie apocalypse rule set, I'm wondering if it's possible to give it a description that pops up in the room description? At present it just shows it attacking. Also, is it possible to make it's first action a basic description like: "It turns toward you with a scream!" and then have it attack on the second screen? At present my draft game looks like this:

Medical Bay

You can go west.

There's a stasis pod and an auto-doc, a tissue printer, and a bunch of hospital beds with those little curtains that can be swung around on rails. Also sinks and gurneys. What could go wrong?

Feral zombie attacks you and misses...

I got the rules for the zombie from here:

You can print a message after the monster spawns, or you can print a message after the monster attacks!

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