Three important questions.

Hi, I am a noob at Quest. I will be creating a text adventure game for a school project. I have three questions.

  1. If I download Quest on to a PC at home, can I work on that same project at school using a memory stick or some other way?
  2. Is there a way I could make it so that only certain people can play my game when it is published, for example have a code or something?
  3. If you are playing a text adventure game, can you save your progress?

I'd recommend downloading the software on a computer wit h good anti-hacking protection. This website is mostly safe, but it is BB forums based and/or Russian based. For some reason nothing ever happens if I use it on my grandparents' computer. Better software I guess.

Yes, USBs do work. And so does Google drive. But I recommend the online version.
It is easier.

Yes, you can save.

1: yes... any text editor will work if you are working with the code view... BUT, a typo here could prevent it from loading until you make a sacrifice to the god of De-Bug... (LOL)
2: yes... Start the game requiring a password... but, unless you can encode it, anyone looking at the code may be able to find it and bypass it... ( so, no... not from someone that really wants to play it...)
3: yes... As answered above...

1a: I think you can download and install Quest on the flash drive and have Quest run from there...
(Altho, I think I recall someone trying that and they had a problem saving back to the flash drive...)
But you could always just copy the code back to the drive from windows...

Also concerning question 2.
It is my understanding that you can publish the game as (private) and only those that you give the link to can see it.

  1. to work-in/use quest's GUI/Editor (and/or to play/test quest games/code), you need to have the quest software/engine installed or play/work-on-it online via the quest site/servers. but, if you just want to work on it within its code (but without being able to play/run/test it), it's just like any file, such as a text/word file for a school book report/essay/whatever, so you can have your quest game/library files on a flash drive, and open them up on your school computers (right click on your files, and open them with whatever text editor software: notepad, wordpad, Apple: text editor, etc etc etc). You can also ask/see with teacher/professor if you can get quest installed on the school computers (and while you're at it, ask/see if you can get 'notepad++' installed too, lol. It's a really good/useful/powerful text editor software!).

see this post for more information:

  1. (see forgewright's post above)

  2. (see others' posts), yes for online play, and Pixie has code for saving while playing off-line/on-desktop/on-computer

Thanks for the great feedback guys, my questions have been answered!

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