Web GUI editor can't use scripts to change what verbs/look do?

I've searched far and wide, but there isn't much touching up on using the GUI editor instead of the code editor for cases of wanting to change what verbs do, and base attributes of objects.

For example, I want to use an item to run a script that changes a character's "look at" description. I was hoping it'd be easier than having to copy everything about them and have the changed description, and just have them swapped when the script runs.

It sounded like this was possible, but seemed to be relegated to the code editor, which I have no knowledge to use it properly.

If you want to know how something works in the GUI editor, the easiest way is to go to code view.

You can paste in the code someone has given you, and then go back to the GUI view. Look at what it looks like there. Now you know how to enter that thing.

Even if you're using the GUI, copy and paste from the code view is the best way to show your code on the forums. So the advice you get on here will nearly always be in the form of code – just because that's how we can post it here.

The tutorials and documentation are not very GUI friendly, what is a shame. I confess I use it far more often and only go to code view when a major problem rises.

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