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Review for Ann's life
18 Jul 2017
It is not a bad story. It is just a bad game. It is well written and without mistypes (or almost none), however is not a game itself. At the moments you are not merely requested to turn the page, there is the option which continues the story and the option which ends the game. It would be easier just writing regular fiction intead of interactive fiction.

I risk rating the game as good. Because it comes from interesting premises, has a strong foot on word play underlining the foreplay in the game and because it represents a lesbian encounter,what is a theme i like exploring and never seen before here. However, the game suffer from a very common syndrome on interactive fiction, which is always dealing with player in second person. It works pretty well on generic games, with generic lines and any non personal connection. However, this is the sort of game where a character is not only necessary, but is also somewhat suggested. So, for having a full experience, i suppose both should be needed: changing the game to third person narrative and a more complex description about the character suggested.

Review for Briar
13 May 2017
It is a good game, for sure! The author put a lot of work and energy on it and the text is elaborate and catches your attention. The beginning seems to be more "error free" than the rest of the game, because in time complexity increases. There is a little mispelling on the first page, I guess, and some wrong text scripts running later, but not compromising the experience.

I am not sure if I am a fan to repeating the same action in order to complete a task, but it is a way of seeing the game design and not a problem itself.

I got stuck at some point, but I am not sure if I was just not finding a way to progress or it was a design problem. I hope the first. What I missed a lot was chances for gaining information. Specially inside the tower. The usual "look at room " did not respond.

Also another typical Parser problem is dealing with NPCs. In this case, the only reasonable character I could interact was not of much use. However, it is pretty cool seeing the author's finesse on bothering on some non vital details.

13 May 2017
Ok. I am giving a 2 stars rate because there is some text well written. By some text, I mean the game is not very long.

I am fully ok on whatever kink or fetish you want exploring in games and I try to still open minded to test even those I am not fond of.

However this game lacks some coherency on its very proposal and is also too straightforward into one plot line. Honestly, leave the tent and you die because you return home is a way of saying "still in the kink or I punish you ". I understand that when you plan exploring a theme, the designer will tend to keep options withing the theme. But giving no clue about the options at hand and finishing the game because of a "wrong" but logical choice is a problem.

Review for Iracema
22 Nov 2016
The game is pretty basic and straightforward. When multiple choices rises, there are only three possible outcomes: a loop, a death or proceed to the guided story, without any possible unfolds. Also, it creates only the illusion of choice, as there is no mechanics involved. As an example, if you shoot an arrow, you may select where to hit from three choices. Two takes to loop. Only one moves the story.

I am giving a rate of 2 because it has no grammar error at the one line pages, there are nice images and it is themed on a Brazilian Literature Classic.

Review for Pilgrims of Earth 7
03 Jul 2016
Another game with a good potential. Seems the author, after checking the use of some of Quest resources, decided just to let player win after solving a simple puzzle. It is not a complete game, have minor problems - like referring to a puzzle already solved - and a little bit vague context, but would go in a good direction if completed. Genuinely sci-fi themed.

03 Jul 2016
Ok. As people uses o say, "Looks as a beta". The author decided using the old-fashioned text aesthetics, what may be a little tiring, but has personality. There is a factor which bothers me a little, about giving player no further clue about what is happening and what the mission or objectives are, The synopsis says you are looking for members of a previous expedition, but you walk over mars as a tourist and finds a settlement with grass, for example, suggesting terraforming. It is a little bit out of context as the games offers no feed back about what should be taken as common or not. So, i did not know what to thing about a calm village on mars.

There are certain "buggy" elements, like the help talking about the compass which is not on, or having not "Look at" commands for elements described and certainly are important. I had a hard time trying to use a fountain to fill up a water bottle. Also, there is a binoculars, which seems to be designed to be an important element. However, everywhere i used it i got the very same description.

The selected theme seems to be a good ground for doing some research about space exploration and giving player a nice experience, but the very presence of a blaster pistol seems not pointing that directions. I got stuck and the game got more and more confusing. I guess much of the text should be re-worked and the game demands some care on building up the in-game objects.

Has a nice potential, but seems not tested enough yet to sove these problems and allow player proceeding n the plot.

03 Jul 2016
Very well, people. It should be at comedy, and not sci-fi section. It is a little bit surprising, as we do not see many games in Portuguese language here, and as i can see, this is Brazilian Portuguese.

Well, let's say the game has vague descriptions, a strange pacing of action, is a game gook - however lacking the "book" part of it - and is very short. Perhaps the best reason to place it as sci-fi is because it is light years away from a complete work. Look more as an experiment about the tool. The feeling is that the author do not took much time about what write on the game. Would be considered as a test, using humor "kind of" inspired on hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy.

I almost rated 1.

Review for Enterprising
26 Jun 2016
The general idea of a Star Trek parody is not a bad one. However, demands more effort.

Review for Stacked Justice
25 Mar 2016
This is a good game, indeed. I got a little tired because the repetition and the guessing game, but it is all around a very interesting premise and a nice story behind it too. I prefer game books than adventures, however this game gave not enough of the "book" element.