If Quest says i'm free..

This means that i can sell my game like on steam or in a site done by me and can i earn money if people buy my game?

You are free to sell your game anyway you wish using Quest and you're welcome to do anything you like with your game. There is, of course a number of addenda;

You obviously cannot sell your game if you are using copyrighted material from another game/movie/novel/music etc. Meaning everything in your game has to be 100% original or you risk running into huge legality battles, and cease and desist letters.

If you are using copy-written material such as music, all of the credits for that music must be properly cited in the way that the artist wants them used otherwise they can legally have you remove their work from your game.

There are a few other things, but I think that covers the major bases. Anyone else have ideas I'm overlooking?


basically quest itself has no restrictions (aside from publishing a game to their servers with illegal content, ie child porn in game as the common/universal example, of course), but as Anonynn said, others do have restrictions, so you got to be wary of others, if you try to use others' works, make sure you got the legal right to do so, and it still may not be worth the risk (as you'd still have to successfully prove it in court, if they go after you, regardless of if it should be legal --- you got to successfully prove it's legal in court, for it to actually be indeed legal, unfortunately. Well, okay, you could have a good judge, who immediately throws out the case due to being frivilous due to your game clearly being legal, but does this happen that often and/or are you going to be the lucky one to get such a judge? Those with a means to do so, "judge shop", they do the suit in a place/court/judge who's favorable to their case, this especially happens all the time with politicians/political-lawyers, filing suits for political actions from a court's decisions... "judge shopping" and then they gloat over the favorable decision on tv to score political points with all the stupid people, who don't realize this is what is going on... until/unless/if/when it goes to a higher court, usually the supreme court, as the suits are done in appellete courts, just below the supreme court, who strike down these unfit judges over and over again, because they're never impeached and removed from the bench despite their unfitness as judges, as they're just politically-elected fake and incompetant/unfit "judge" politicians, sighs).

If some work has the full public access creative commons license on it (or if you get in writing, permission from the work's owner), it's legal, but anything else is more risky...

(err, they re-did the site... this is the best of what I could find so far on it):




etc... etc... etc...

Thanks for going into the details, HK! ^_^

Technically legends, myths, religion, etc. are the go to if a writer wants that extra bit of symbolic imagery and analogy... and they are lazy.
I heard it takes a lot of technical skill just to host a game off site, let alone selling the game for money. Then there is the whole deal with advertising, which I'd advise you hop on to it and think on that as soon as possible.
And don't just spam comments on random forums. People know spam when they see it.

There may be a niche market for old school text adventures... after all, that is what is driving Quest...
But to be honest, you will need to produce Infocom level games to even have a chance to make much money.
Today, everything is graphics driven. Not just the 3D stuff, but even lower level tile based games.

My hats off to you if you plan to pursue this. But something I'm gona buy, that requires a freeware engine to play it, will
sound like I'm getting ripped off. But if you set it up for people to download it for free, then donate to get you to write more, then you may get somewhere.

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