Character creation (online)

I'm kinda new to textadventures, and I have started making a game.
In this game, though, I've been thinking about the player creating their own character? Not sure if it is possible online, as coding sort of confuses it, but I have played quite a few text adventure games, and have found the ones where you create your own character add an extra element of 'creativity' in way.
If you know of any tutorials or have the same problem but have found a way around it, please let me know!


Try here first (I'll just confuse you; I'm crazy at the moment):

Sadly, I found this earlier...
It does tell you, but it's in code format and that doesn't work that well online... Is there another way?

I recommend checking the tutorials.
Have you used the 'code view', yet?
There is the 'game - start' section. And in the feature section of objects, there's an option for an initialization script. You can click on that, and a new tab should appear. Basically, it's a way to load code on an object, or add variables/attributes on it.
I still prefer using the start script, though.

The other guys usually have good advice, too.

By the way, you can check on the combat tutorial s in the code library, just a tip. That's how I learned most of my coding skills, here.

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The online version doesn't have the 'Attribute' Tab and its drop down menus, text boxes, and etc, such as for adding/creating Attributes, and etc.

So, you got to do everything through scripting, which means you got to learn ...

The Two SUPER Scripts (see links below)

Also, for character creation, you do have the 'game' Game Setting Object's 'start' Script Attribute, so, you'd use this for character creation (unless you don't want the character creation to happen at the start of your game):

'game' Game Settings Object -> 'Scripts' Tab -> 'start' Script -> (set it up: add your scripts: see my links/guides below)

just follow the character creation guide:

(if you need help with it, look at my other links and/or let me know)

here's my guide on it (has some basic quest coding explanation and quest coding structure explanation at the beginning, which you should read too, but specifically scroll down a bit for the Two Super Scripts content: I got its title bolded. My guide is code-oriented, but I DO tell how to do the two super scripts through the GUI/Editor's scripting options too for non-coders, which is what, aka scripting, you only got for use with the online version, as again, it doesn't have all the nice Tabs and drop down menus options and etc that the off-line/desktop version has):

and here's some other possibly useful links too:

ask if you need help with anything and/or need it explained

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