can edit quest game on chromebook, but can't create new adventures

As long as I create an adventure in a different browser than chrome on my chromebook, then I am able to edit the adventure in quest web UI after it is created.

There is no Create button in my version of chrome using Chrome OS on my Chromebook.

I cannot create new text adventures from chrome on Chrome OS on my Chromebook.

You need to both sign in to create a game, and you need to click the tabs/big green + buttons.
If the problem still occurs, I don't know what causes the problem.

Have any luck?

No Luck. I am signed in and clicked the big green Create Game Button

I see the fields
Game Name
and a textbox
Game Type
(when text adventure is selected there is no Create Button, but for the Gamebook option there is)
(I left it on the default English)

it is only for the Quest Textadventure game option, I can create a gamebook.

If I create a new game in a different browser, like opera, I can then return to chrome and edit the game once it has been created.

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