Quest 5.8 beta

For anyone interested, there is a beta version of Quest 5.8 out.

Be aware that this version updates the game to ASL 580 (from 550, which was set in Quest 5.5). If you need to go back to the earlier version, you will need to modify the second line of the game file, to set it back to 550. If you have no clue about that, you might want to avoid this beta.

Also, the web player is still on version 5.7, so you will not be able to upload games produced with this beta version (until 5.8 goes live).

Some of the highlights are here:

If you find any issues, message me.

I'm concerned about the turnscripts. If they are al starting/playing at the beginning, what about the game authors that don't want certain turnscripts to play? I'm sure if they were timing something specific, say an amount of time the player is poisoned, this could definitely be a problem!

I decided not to do that in the end (I have just updated the docs so it no longer says it).

Hi Pixie.

Do you have some sort of preliminairy, temporary, approximate idea of when 5.8 might make it to the online server environment?

(Or to put it differently, when games developed in 5.8 desktop will be playable online :-))

I am hoping for the end of the month, but it depends what issues crop up before then.

Then I will continue using 5.8 for the game for my grandson.
He is getting it in August 🙂

I've just uploaded the new version of 'quest' and then went to play a game that I'm currently developing.

All the 'You can see...' and 'You can go...' lists all display the same sort of thing; {object:statue}, {object:lamp}, {exit:exit1}, {exit:exit2}... etc.

Have I got to go into every game and correct this, or is there a checkbox I need to tick.

By the way, loving the new buttons.
Pixie: I've sent you a 'PM' concerning Inherited npc_types.

That was recently fixed, (edit) and there will probably be a new beta available soon.

If you change the game's ASL version to 580, it should fix it. (This will not be necessary with the next release.)

In the current beta, the ASL version will be changed to 580 automatically when Quest autosaves, but you have to make a change in the GUI before Quest will autosave.

Pixie: I've sent you a 'PM' concerning Inherited npc_types.

Currently male plural and female plural do not inherit from npc_type. Should they? I think it makes sense to do so, but will it mess up anyone's game if they do?

Currently male plural and female plural do not inherit from npc_type. Should they?

I think they should.

This would:

  • Initially set the object's display verbs to "Look at;Speak to"

  • Ignore the object when the command is TAKE ALL

Am I forgetting anything?

I have posted beta 4.

I added plural_npc_type, which in turn inherits from npc_type, so gets all that behaviour, but it should be easier to differentiate between singular and plural.

Is there an .exe file. Not sure what to do with the zip file or how to install quest from it.

Yes. For some reason it had failed to upload, and I did not notice. It is there now.

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