Quest 5.8 beta

For anyone interested, there is a beta version of Quest 5.8 out.

Be aware that this version updates the game to ASL 580 (from 550, which was set in Quest 5.5). If you need to go back to the earlier version, you will need to modify the second line of the game file, to set it back to 550. If you have no clue about that, you might want to avoid this beta.

Also, the web player is still on version 5.7, so you will not be able to upload games produced with this beta version (until 5.8 goes live).

Some of the highlights are here:

If you find any issues, message me.

ETA: Current version (14) here:

I'm concerned about the turnscripts. If they are al starting/playing at the beginning, what about the game authors that don't want certain turnscripts to play? I'm sure if they were timing something specific, say an amount of time the player is poisoned, this could definitely be a problem!

I decided not to do that in the end (I have just updated the docs so it no longer says it).

Hi Pixie.

Do you have some sort of preliminairy, temporary, approximate idea of when 5.8 might make it to the online server environment?

(Or to put it differently, when games developed in 5.8 desktop will be playable online :-))

I am hoping for the end of the month, but it depends what issues crop up before then.

Then I will continue using 5.8 for the game for my grandson.
He is getting it in August 🙂

I've just uploaded the new version of 'quest' and then went to play a game that I'm currently developing.

All the 'You can see...' and 'You can go...' lists all display the same sort of thing; {object:statue}, {object:lamp}, {exit:exit1}, {exit:exit2}... etc.

Have I got to go into every game and correct this, or is there a checkbox I need to tick.

By the way, loving the new buttons.
Pixie: I've sent you a 'PM' concerning Inherited npc_types.

That was recently fixed, (edit) and there will probably be a new beta available soon.

If you change the game's ASL version to 580, it should fix it. (This will not be necessary with the next release.)

In the current beta, the ASL version will be changed to 580 automatically when Quest autosaves, but you have to make a change in the GUI before Quest will autosave.

Pixie: I've sent you a 'PM' concerning Inherited npc_types.

Currently male plural and female plural do not inherit from npc_type. Should they? I think it makes sense to do so, but will it mess up anyone's game if they do?

Currently male plural and female plural do not inherit from npc_type. Should they?

I think they should.

This would:

  • Initially set the object's display verbs to "Look at;Speak to"

  • Ignore the object when the command is TAKE ALL

Am I forgetting anything?

I have posted beta 4.

I added plural_npc_type, which in turn inherits from npc_type, so gets all that behaviour, but it should be easier to differentiate between singular and plural.

Is there an .exe file. Not sure what to do with the zip file or how to install quest from it.

Yes. For some reason it had failed to upload, and I did not notice. It is there now.

Beta 5 is uploaded:

Hopefully the last beta?

Beta 6:

Again hoping it is the last!

Downloading now!

Do popups work in gamebook mode?

You have to add the functon JSSafe to your game book for the text processor popup stuff.

{popup:Popup:I am a popup!}

You can get JSSafe code by copying it into a game in Text Adventure mode. Then copy that to your game book.


The stuff in Gamebook mode hasn't been changed in quite a while. All the updates are on the Text Adventure side.

I would advise authors who haven't already begun making a game book in Quest's Gamebook mode to use Squiffy instead.

...or just make a text adventure which behaves like a game book, which isn't very difficult. You basically just hide the location bar, command prompt, and the side panes.

Thank you! I'll look into it when I install the new version... some day.



This does not concern .quest files. Only .aslx files.

If you open an existing .aslx file in the editor in Quest 5.8, you need to be sure the ASL version of your game is changed from 550 to 580 before you play or publish your game.

You can make this happen by:

1. Making any change at all in the GUI before pressing play (this will trigger an auto-save, which will make the ASL version 580 automatically).

2. Switch to full code view, and be sure the second line reads <asl version="580">

This is necessary due to changes in hard-coded functions.

Quest checks the ASL version while running certain scripts to ensure backwards compatibility. If a 550 game is loaded, Quest will call FinishTurn differently than it would with a 580 game. In 550 games, the hard-coded scripts call FinishTurn. In 580, the hard-coded scripts do not call FinishTurn. FinishTurn is called by functions in the Core libraries instead.

What does this mean to you? If you load a 550 .aslx file in the 5.8 editor and press play, Quest is going to call FinishTurn from the hard-coded scripts. AND, since you have an .aslx file loaded (which does not include the stuff from the core libraries), Quest will use the stuff in the current Core libraries. These new scripts will also call FinishTurn, hence making your turn scripts go crazy, running twice each turn at best.

You would also probably have issues saving a game during play, and I think text-to-speech would be problematic.

Again, you change the game version in the editor once it's opened in 5.8 to quickly fix this, or you can flip to code view and change the ASL version to "580" and save from there.

Either way, it's a 5 second fix, and it only concerns pre 5.8 games when being edited in 5.8.

Did I say all that correctly, Pix?

Thanks KV. Just to be clear, Quest should update your game to 580 automatically.

So is this still at Beta or has it gone live and I missed the announcement?

Just out of curiosity, can I ask someone who has the new version to test out an incomplete game?

Two tests:

  1. Try picking up the dominoes and looking at them
  2. Type nothing and just watch the number in the status pane count down

Would be interested to see how this game performs in 5.8 compared to 5.7

I will, I will!

In Quest 5.8 beta 6

If I load that game in 5.8 without changing the ASL version to 580 or making any other changes:

Test 1:

Load the game. Press nothing. The dominoes fall one by one until the game ends when the last one falls.

Test 2:

I can't take or look at the dominoes. I just get default responses for both.

Then, the dominoes fall, one by one.

After changing the ASL version to 580:

Test 1:

Same results as above.

Test 2:

Same results as above.

In Quest 5.7.2

Everything behaves identically.

I loaded Quest 5.8 beta 6 to try it out but had an immediate 'system error'. I've reverted to Quest 5.7.2. Can anyone help? Happy to send through the game (L Too).

The most recent version of L Too on my machine loads and plays in Quest 5.8 beta 6 for me with no problems.

Maybe uninstall Quest, download beta 6 again (to make sure the download didn't have any hiccups), then install again?

Are you running Windows 10?

Thanks KV, starting with the uninstall seems to have sorted out the problem and I've been able to play the game through to completion without any problems. Only slight query is on the patch I put in to get rid of white space. Is that still needed?

Played through my second game which also was fine. It had a couple of chase sequences in it involving the use of turnscripts. I tried very hard to break the undo but failed! Well done to everyone, as far as I'm concerned UNDO is now sorted. I also like the new look!

Thanks for all the testing so far. Latest version:

I don't know where to post this, so I'll just post it here.


Anyone using any of my libraries should definitely make sure you get the latest version when updating to Quest 5.8.

Some of my libraries include a modified version of FinishTurn which does not work correctly with Quest 5.8.

I have updated AudioVideoLib to handle EITHER Quest 5.7 or Quest 5.8.

Check my notes in any other library files to see if I specify 5.7 or 5.8.


And that's one to grow on.

Another one:

Not much this time, which hopefully means we are almost there... SoonGames corrected a small bug in DevMode, and KV and I have adjusted what is affected by TAKE/DROP ALL.

KV and I have adjusted what is affected by TAKE/DROP ALL

Much thanks to mrangel and DavyB on this one, too!

Another (just adds language support for "Object is excluded when entering TAKE ALL".):

Hello, Pixie.I updated the net framework to the latest version according to your Suggestions and reinstalled Quest, but it will still pop up error reports when running: Error launching game: onth COM class factory for component with CLSID {d9f6ee60-58c9-588b-88e1-2f908fd7f87c} failed due to the following Error :80040154 No registration class (Exception from) HRESULT: 0 x80040154 (REGDB_E_CLASSNOTREG))( Sorry for the trouble)


I am not sure what the problem is. From the error code, 0x80040154, it sounds like something (a DLL) has not been registered properly. I have to admit, I am not an expert, and I cannot find that error code in a forum search.

Googling, that error is sometimes because you are running 32-bit software on a 64-bit PC, but I have installed Quest on several 64-bit PCs with no problem. Is there anything odd about your PC? What version of Windows are you using?

Some say (for other software) you should turn off UAC when you install (Control Panel -->System and Security --> Action Center --> Change User Account Control Settings). Remember to turn it back on afterwards.

Beta 10 is out (ETA: beta 11 now!) (ETA 12!):

Corrects for translation bugs in Danish and German, and an issue with zooming the map.

I am basically just waiting for Luis to upload 5.8 to to mark the actual release, but I might as well keep it in beta during that time in case anything else crops up.

Can I request that a button for {notfirst:} be added to the other buttons on the right of the description pane? At least in Gamebook mode, if not in both Gamebook and TA.

I want to be able to have a checkpoint system. I don't know if there is such a thing already or if someone made a library for it, I just want a checkpoint system. Even if it is temporary and lasts for only one play session.

In experimenting with transparent containers in 5.8, I found a problem with the error message when trying to take an item from a closed transparent container:

<asl version="580">
  <include ref="English.aslx" />
  <include ref="Core.aslx" />
  <game name="Transparency Issue">
  <object name="room">
    <inherit name="editor_room" />
    <isroom />
    <object name="player">
      <inherit name="editor_object" />
      <inherit name="editor_player" />
    <object name="box">
      <inherit name="editor_object" />
      <inherit name="container_open" />
      <feature_container />
      <take />
      <isopen type="boolean">false</isopen>
      <transparent />
      <object name="stuff">
        <inherit name="editor_object" />
        <attr name="feature_container" type="boolean">false</attr>
        <take />
        <transparent type="boolean">false</transparent>
        <isopen />
        <usedefaultprefix type="boolean">false</usedefaultprefix>

Beta 13, released on Friday the thirteenth... what can possibly go wrong?

I am really just waiting for Luis to upload to the website for the release, or 5.8 would have been out weeks ago, but it has allowed some minor alterations.

Thanks Pixie, that now seems almost correct. When I try to take 'stuff' out of a transparent 'box' the error message is

>take stuff
Box is not open.

but should that be?

>take stuff
The box is not open.

Found a weird bug with Quest 5.8. Hopefully it isn't my set-up! I ran across it in a full-size game but whittled it down to the following:

  1. Create a new game
  2. Without changing any settings hit PLAY
  3. Type HELP until the game name disappears up the screen
  4. Scroll back up the page to the top

On my desktop, running Windows 8, everything disappears!
Hopefully someone else will have the same experience. On my laptop running Quest 5.7, with Windows 7 there is no problem.

I cannot get that to happen for me. I am using Windows 10, so not quite the same, but I doubt that would make a difference.

How do you scroll up? I tried middle mouse button, Page up key, drag scroll bar, click in scroll bar? This could be important because it might determine what has the focus, and so what is handling the backspace.

I rebooted and tried again following the steps outlined and using all the scroll up techniques. I had the same result in every case...BUT returning to my games I now can't force the effect there! A bit more experimentation is needed.

The default code for game is:

<asl version="580">

  <include ref="English.aslx"/>
  <include ref="Core.aslx"/>

  <game name="anything">

  <object name="room">
    <inherit name="editor_room" />
    <isroom />

    <object name="player">
      <inherit name="editor_object" />
      <inherit name="editor_player" />


Beta version 14 (not 15 as I previously said) corrects DavyB's not open issue and MyAngel's issue with "this" in the text processor. Beta 15 then uses Tsplit for either and select in the text processor. Luis has said he is hoping to be able to update the site at the Weekend, so we could be a couple of days from release!

Thanks Pixie, my transparent containers now look perfect!
I'm still looking at the backspace problem...

@Pixie, Backspace Problem:
I've experimented a little more. Try the following:

1. Create a new game
2. Without changing any settings hit PLAY
3. Move the focus out of the text input box by clicking on the "You are in a room." text

Hitting BACKSPACE again restores some of the display.

Hopefully this also fails for you!

...another detail! I have been creating new games from inside another game rather than the Quest application itself. Using the Quest application directly I can't re-create the fault so perhaps that is a clue.

Okay, I got it to do it. I think it is taking you back one page. Click on a word in my post, then press backspace and it will take you to the previous page - depending on your browser. Chrome does not seem to do this since version 52, so I guess Quest uses an older version.

I currently consider Quest 5.8 to be finished, as I wait for Luis to upload it, so I am reluctant to change it at this stage, but have created an issue so it should happen at some time.

Thanks Pixie, it's not a priority but do wish to pass it on!

so I guess Quest uses an older version.

I was meaning to mention this.
Giving my games to RL friends who have Windows, I find some horrible bugs. Notably, bgs in Chromim's CSS handling which have been fixed for long enogh that I didn't think to check for them.

Hey The Pixie, ypu haven't been messing around with the "this" saying, have you? Two of my games haven't been able to process or understand "this" lately.

Is this in the text processor? That has changed for "this" in beta 14. Besides that no.

No. A regular command. I don't know what's happening.

No. A regular command. I don't know what's happening.

Do you mean in a verb? Or a function?
Or are you aware that within a command script, this refers to the command element?

Okay. So I have a command named Battle, with a pettern of battle #object#, and this is the code:

if (HasBoolean(object, "enemy")) {
  SpawnHoothoot (this.parent)
else {
  msg ("This is not a trainer!")

this references the thing the script is attached to. If the script is on a command, then this will be the command, which generally has no parent. I guess what you want is the parent of object

SpawnHoothoot (object.parent)

Okay. Thank you.

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