I need a 96.8 temperature.

How do I get something like a 96.8 degrees Fahrenheit temperature to show in the status pane? I have two attributes, game.temperature and game.temperature2.
I have a string dictionary like this:

game.statusattributes = NewStringDictionary()
player.statusattributes = NewStringDictionary()
dictionary add (player.statusattributes, "hitpoints", "Hit points: !")
dictionary add (game.statusattributes, "temperature", "Temperature: !")

So what do I do?

One way...
Temperature= 986 degrees...
then /10 to show 98.6...
Someone else, else ware used that idea because the CPU can work with integers faster than floating point numbers.

So when you want to change the game's temperature, you'd do

game.temperature = 98.6

I don't think there should be a problem with that.

@DarkLizerd if you're storing it as an int you'd want to / 10.0 to get the display value without rounding. Or (temperature / 10)+"."+(temperature % 10) as a quick way to get a fixed decimal.

Both game.temperature and game.temperature2 are actually changing. I made a turn script for both that rolls an internet, and then sets the temperature as the roll.

I am making a dragon stomach simulator, I want the temperature to be constantly changing.

Edit: I guess I'll just look at ThePixie's clock code.

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