How to assign scores to choices (Gamebook)

Hi, All!

I'm making my first ever game on Quest using the Gamebook option.

The concept is simple: I just want to be able to ask my players a question and provide multiple-choice answers.

I want the each option in the multiple choice to contribute to their total score (i.e. Answer A = 3 points, B = 2 points, C = 1 point) at the end of the game.

Is there a quick way to do this on Gamebook? Text-adventure has a "score" option which I don't think Gamebook has.

I don't have any coding experience at all so any help at all is very much appreciated.


Despite the fact the Game Book version is a little bit more limited, there are some programming tricks you use at the parser-oriented version inside the Game Book version.

One of these tricks is you may try is creating an attribute, let's call it 'player.choice' which is an INT, what means it must contain a number, and never letters. As each option leads to a different page (answer A leads to page 13, answer B leads to page 23 and answer C leads to page 35), you will give 'player.choice' a different value at each page. So, at page 13, player.choice=3, at page 23, player.choice=2 and finnally, at page 35, player.choice=1.

Remember you may always use player.choice=player.choice+1 (for example, to add one), but each time you type an absolute value (like, player.choice=3) you just set a new value to the variable. But its just a little addition you dont seems to need right now.

P.S. I forgot mentioning, I am currently working on a game book, but i am using the parser mode. If you want discussing a little about how using this mode for producing a game book and the posssible benefits, just ask me.

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