Removing links (gamebook)

Hi all. :) Recently returned to Quest, and have started to make a gamebook. I wanted to start with a pseudo-customisation option screen for the players, where they can change their physical appearance. I've got no problem with sorting attributes out, but my real issue is this:

The player is prompted to choose attributes of themselves that they want to change (hair/eyes/skin/etc.). These are presented as links that appear on timers and take them to another page. The issue is, that when I click on one of the four available links, the others all remain and are still clickable. Whilst I want the one that I clicked to remain, I would rather that the other options disappear.

Thank you in advance! :)

Here is a sample of the code:

JS.eval ("setTimeout(function(){ASLEvent(\"link2\", \"Page3;black\")}, 2000);")

And separately, the corresponding function to print the link.

<function name="link2" parameters="stuff"><![CDATA[
    // parameter should be link;color
    stuff = Split (stuff, ";")
    link = stuff[0]
    color = stuff[1]
    msg ("{page:"+link+":{color:"+color+":<span style='font-family:Georgia;font-size:18px;font-weight:bold;'><br>Hair.</span>}}")

I understand that the method of individually creating functions for links (as well as the whole mess with the text style) is unnecessary and clunky, but it works. I'm not looking for an alternative for this.

Maybe it's because you have changed the code in the first place.

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