how to make a bleed-out feature.

my game the player falls out a tree then breaks there arm..kinda its bleeding. after seeing it they freak out witch makes them bleed. you have a timer that every time you step in a room you lose health. the timer will kill you if you dont find it. after using the bandage everything stops and goes back to normal

so like you use health everytime you walk into a new room. or if you just stand there the timer will end you. and the bandage

why am i having trouble?

thats simple. i dont know how to make it so when only THAT happens then you bleed. oh and the timer..ik how to make objects appear

Make a hitpoints variable/attribute.

player.hitpoints = 30

Subtract the variable/attribute when you need to.

player.hitpoints = player.hitpoints - 1

You can use a timer for this, or you can put it in the room's onenter script.

hmm.. thanks ill look into it

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