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Hey guys,

So I was wondering... when you use the desktop version of Quest, you can choose a different language when creating a text adventure. However, no such option appears to be available for the gamebook. Is it possible to translate specific lines that will be visible for players?

Specifically, I'm looking for the 'loading' message when the game is booting up as well as 'type here...' when asking for input.

Thanks in advance!

Yes and No.

See this thread.

"for the gamebook."

Is this when you first create the game? From what I've seen, it looks the same either way.

Yeah, when creating one. There is no .aslx file in my language that shows up when I choose gamebook, but there is when I go for text adventure. Messages like the aforementioned "type here..." are also not translated. I tried manually adding the .aslx for my language, but that did no good either.

Ah. Strange...

Tried with several other languages, but no luck there either. :#

It's would be nice to know how many languages you could put in one game...

Heh, for now, I'd like to start with one language that isn't English. But for bigger projects, several languages would be a good thing, yes.

Have you seen this? (It may help, if not.)

To change 'Type here...':

request (SetInterfaceString, "TypeHereLabel=Enter your custom message here!")

NOTE: The plan is to deprecate request, but this method should currently work.

(I'll come back and post the new way to do this shortly.)

I presume... most translations that have already been created are probably for the Text Adventure version...

And I think the Text Adventure and Game Book are code-wise too different to be able to share the same code translating

So, you'll probably have to create your translation for the Game Book yourself, or ask someone else who knows your language and who got the skills/knowledge to help you with it.

Good to know request might not stick around.

That does the trick, K.V.
Thanks! :D

Good to know request might not stick around.

I heard (or technically read) that was the plan. I have no idea whether having that in your game will eventually 'break' the game, or how far in the future that may be, if ever.

Pixie suggested we stray from it not too long ago, so I always throw that little tidbit in when request is the only way I know of to pull something off.


You're welcome!

You can use this to change the texts:

JS.setInterfaceString("TypeHereLabel", "Enter your custom message here!")

Not sure if it is possible to get rid of request, but I would certainly push people towards the alternatives, if only because it is weird with its strings-that-are-not-strings.

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