Show current player object

I would like to show who is the current player object in the game all the time.
Any way I could do so?

I'm pretty clueless with code outside of the GUI, but if you go to this page:

Scroll down to the User Experience section, and there are links to creating your own UI bits and bobs.

You can create a custom box to display any stat or variable you like, so that should give you what you need.

Someone more experienced will come along soon, don't worry 😄

I used JS.setCommands to make that work.

Great news! Glad you managed to find what you needed.

I would have suggested adding ext_alias or name to the player status attributes, but my phone crashed while I was typing. Sorry.

(When an object becomes the player, its alias is changed to "you" and its usual alias is saved in ext_alias, if I'm remembering correctly)

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