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Just what I love - a proper full on text adventure, not just clicking on links for a ten minute distraction.

Great game, and enjoyable puzzles.

Review for Ghetto Grind
25 Nov 2020
Impressed so far! WIP means I know there's a lot still to be done, but the systems you have in place make a really good foundation.

I have no idea if you'll ever finish the game to the level you're aiming for, but go for it!

I like the random people wandering around, and the way you can talk to more people as your respect goes up.

Honestly, if you can pull this off as a text adventure, I'll be really impressed!

Review for Moonstone Falls
25 Nov 2020
I enjoyed the actual adventure and the setting, and I enjoyed the puzzles. Some people say they didn't find the puzzles intuitive, but I did - I especially liked the way you set off the alarm in the station, and what it results in. It felt logical, but very creative! I love that kind of thinking, a little outside the box, but in a way which makes total sense.

I just wish there was a lot more to the writing. Each room is pretty much a short sentence, without any colour to the locations. I wanted to feel like I was exploring the world, but it's hard when there's so little to examine or be immersed in.

I played this after finishing and publishing my own game, and I wanted to say here and now that any similarities are pure coincidence! Scarecrow, cave, light source, locked house, even a jack!

I noticed this was published eight years ago, but I'm glad I finally discovered it today. My mind had to fill in the blanks a lot, but the puzzles were good.