Object links not working.

I am trying to make it so that when you look at a table, you see what's on it and can interact with those objects. I'm trying to use object links to make the grabber visible when you look at the table. For reference, the grabber is a "child item" to the table. When I run it, the word "grabber" does not appear as a hyperlink. The table's description is below.
The table is made out of a very reflective material. It could double as a mirror. There is a {object:grabber:grabber} on the edge.

That will work, as long as the grabber is visible. Links are automatically disabled when an object isn't visible.

If the grabber is a child object of the table, then you'll need to ensure that the table is either an open container, a transparent container, or a surface. (All of these can be found on the "container" tab).

If you want the grabber to not show up in the room description, you could make the table a surface, and either tick the table's "Hide children until object is looked at" box, or make the grabber "Scenery".

Alternatively, you can make the granber invisible.

Alternatively, you can make the granber invisible.

No you can't. Making an object invisible disables {object: links to it; which is exactly the problem described in the first post.

Can you edit the invisible attribute???

Otherwise, nevermind.

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