While a game is being tested...

How should I handle the updates?

Let's say someone reports a few bugs, and I immediately fix them.

If I submit my updated game, and if someone is playing online, that person's saved game will be rendered useless, correct?

Yes. They would have to restart the game.

The old save still works, however.

I'm not sure (not being able to look at saves from the online version), but it looks like the save file is a copy of the whole game file, with all objects moved around to their current in-game locations.

If I've got that right, someone playing from a save file won't see any of your updates because Quest would be loading the save instead of the original aslx file.

Oh, cool.

If the old save still works, that means the site doesn't delete that file or URL, then.

That's cool.

The saved game does save the entire game, plus all the HTML output up to that point.


When I play ANY game online:

  1. I save the game
  2. I load that saved game
  3. The screen has been cleared. There is no text output from the game at all.



It doesn't even say what room are in in the status bar at the top.

You have to LOOK or something, and that counts as a turn.

The turn count doesn't matter in most games, but what if it did?

It doesn't even say what room are in in the status bar at the top.

This has been reported as a bug and will get fixed in the next version. Not encountered or heard about anything more than that.

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