WANTED: I'm hiring a Quest developer to implement my game

I'm looking to hire a developer an EXPERIENCED Quest developer to finish a quest game for me.
The game desgn has 100 locations - at the moment there are about 30 'key path' locations and basic scenarios created from start to finiish of the game.

Game should be downloadable to run on windows - although window, browser, mobile would be even better.

I need:

  • all remaining locations
  • main scenarios re-programmed to be a little more complex. For example, currently, the player can take any object but should not be able to until a conversation or interaction with an NPC has been completed.
  • better NPC dialogs created
  • Customised UI - I will provide graphics so javascript and previous UI customisation required
  • Illustrations for many locations added - I can provide
  • music added - I will provide

I will provide all content.

Ideally completed before end of September 2019

Happy to pay via Upwork/Fiver or bank deposit after game is delivered.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

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