A few questions! Please help if you can. :)

I'm working on a game book and I have a few questions about them.

The first has to do with linking. Is it possible to create a link to a page manually, without using the options at the bottom? If so, how?

Second: Is there any way to make a manual link hidden? Like create a space that has a link or something?

What is the best way to change the user interface without coding? Is it possible? I'm not very good with coding at all. I'd like to make it a little darker with, perhaps, some background images that change over time through the pages.

Lastly, without creating an entirely new decision line, is there any way for the consequences of a decision to come up later and affect the flow of play? For example, if you choose to leave a glass on the counter, to have that glass fall while you're upstairs? Or would it only work if I made a completely separate line of narration for it?

It is possible to create a page link manually. I never found out how to do it.

Hopefully, someone will come and help.

Manual link:
You could possibly write it all in code view... but why? The UI does all that coding for you.
Changing the background:
Yes. (Details to follow.)
Falling glass:
Yes, on enter room 17 (The room upstairs that causes the glass to fall.
Move object glass from counter to floor (But as code commands)

Wait... Game book...
I was thinking Text adventure...
So maybe "no" to all the above.

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