Crafting and Stacking

I've avoided it for a while but it's inevitably come to the time where I must implement this into my survival game. I have two questions about it:

  1. How do I make multiple clones in a room become stacked? (Ex: "you see a rock, a rock, a rock" = "you see rocks [3]")

  2. Instead of having stacked objects in the player's inventory, I plan to have one stone with a quantity attribute (ex: Stone.amount = 3) which is invisible when 0, and rises by +1 when a stone is picked up. When a player crafts a hatchet which requires one stone, "Stone.amount = Stone.amount - 1". The question is how do I tell Quest that only the stone clone in the player's inventory has this attribute? Also how to I refer to it when telling Quest to subtract from it?

Stacked items is best for the offline desktop version.

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