This week's Picks

Richard Headkid - This Week's Picks

Into the Dragon's Den

by XanMag


The God Device

by The Pixie


Pixie's (The Pixie) 'Deeper' game:

Jay's (jaynabonne) 'Spondre' game:

Xan's (XanMag) 'Xanadu 2' game:

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Whitefield Academy of Witchcraft -

Ye Olde Barbershop -

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We need a section on the main page for something like this SO bad!

We could start a thread where we just list off random games we think are great. Then we'll each post our favorite from the list on Wednesday, and submit the choices on Thursday. Allowing plenty of time to link to the chosen games in that section by Friday.

Secret word: DIMENSIONS

8/10 This Week's Picks

As chosen by XanMag

Both great games! Give them a try!
Jacqueline, Jungle Queen!Portcullis

I am currently playing these 2.

(Both have caused me pains from laughing.)

I can TOO post that here! I only need to add more text, just like THIS!!!

You should try to include Adult games in here too.

This one is next on my list:

Hello, Anonynn!

That's my game xD ! Yay! LOL

I do plan on playing both Apocamorphosis and The Bony King. Perhaps they will be next on my list of games to play? =)

I started up Apocamorphosis, thinking I could just dabble at it...

Yeah... No. It appears to deserve my complete and undivided attention.

If you like puns, you'll like The Bony King!

(I actually just RE-played it. (I also ported it to Glulx recently, so non-WIndows users could play it offline. It's pretty damned enjoyable!) I was mad at Xanadu, you see... I'm stuck, but I don't want a clue, so I'm taking a step back until the answer smacks me right in the face when I'm not looking. (Oh, snap! I bet I need to uncoil the wire!!! I gotta go, you guys and gals!!!!!!)

9/3 This Week's Picks

As chosen by XanMag

Enjoyed Both!

Make It GoodMarooned

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