Portcullis by robinjohnson

The city of Portcullis has been taken over by an evil sorcerer (because that's what evil sorcerers do), and a party of adventurers has arrived in town to overthrow him (because that's what adventurers do.) A retro-styled comic adventure, written for the 35th anniversary of Zork and the 40th anniversary of the original Adventure, in tribute to the drily humorous heroic-fantasy games that dominated the early days of interactive fiction.

Also available as a zip file: http://versificator.net/portcullis.zip
or a Windows executable: http://versificator.net/Portcullis.exe
Review by Nixanoro
11 Mar 2017
Very well crafted and detailed.

Review by benergize
18 Feb 2017
I'm not very far, but I can tell this is very well put together. Impressively done.

Review by kinglinus1
15 Feb 2017
Fantastic game

Review by mentlegen
03 Jan 2017
Not a big fan of this type of game.

Review by Regisblackgaard
07 Dec 2016
good game! reminds me of thirty or forty years ago, when i was not even born!

Review by snazzy ray
20 Nov 2016
I liked this a lot. Especially the NPCs.

Review by Nick_Crafter
02 Nov 2016
That was fun, I spent a good few hours trying random things, like drinking holy water, and making a dog friend...
Great game man!

Review by Laufeia
05 May 2016
Fun puzzles though a lot of back and forth.

Review by XanMag
04 May 2016
Fantastic. I really felt like I was back in the early 80s. Extremely nostalgic feel. Well written, good 'puzzles', fun NPCs.

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Published 03 May 2016
Updated 29 Sep 2016