Just a few questions...


Sh4dowGaming1234 here.
I have moderate quest experience, but I have some non-coding questions.

  1. Who created textadventures.co.uk?
  2. Are the people who solve problems on the forums (and have solved mine every time) workers of the site, or just the community?
  3. How can I get my games out there?
  4. How can I tell how many people have played my games?


Everyone here in the forums is a user of this site too. This means the people answering are mostly other players/coders, but the devs also show up at times.

You submit your games via http://textadventures.co.uk/submit/submitfile where you can upload your games. They will go through a short reviewing process before becoming public.

Once a game is released, its page on this website will display Plays and Downloads, together with other things like the ranking.

Regarding your first question, i honestly don't know. This website is not identical with Quest/Squiffy, and there is no "About" to clearify things. Now i'm intrigued too.

Last but not least, a friendly reminder: since this doesn't concerns Quest directly, you were better of posting this in the General Discussion forum.

Alex Warren created Quest, Squiffy, and this site.


A few years ago, The Pixie and Manowar took over everything:


Alex Warren (creator/owner), Pertex, Jaynabonne, Sgreig, Pixie, and probably some more I'm leaving out, developed quest (quest: text adventure and game book, and squiffy)

but, Alex has been working on quest for 10+ years, so it was time for him to move on with his life and different projects

some of the others might have stayed and are helping pixie with the development, and some might have moved on too

(same with us normal users, sometimes we get some really good coders, but a lot of people don't stay for too long, sadly, as creating games is a lot of work/commitment)

Pixie took up the continued development of quest

Manowar took up the handling of the servers (quest sites: quest forum site, quest doc site, quest online games handling, etc)

Wow, I'm surprised you still remember me hegemonkhan. I haven't been active on these forums for a long time. :)

Hi sgrieg

I've heard a lot about you :D

All good thing I hope, lol.

I’ve just returned myself after a few years away, glad to here there’s still some familiar names still here. I shall be needing some help myself being away so long. Dark mirrors the Conclusion can now be written hopefully with all your help.

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