Out of memory?

Lately, the desktop version of Quest has had rampant out of memory issues for me. My game is pretty large now but I don't think it should be that bad.

Looking into it, I've noticed that there are two points where the editor bloats its memory: when I save and when I return from code view after making a change. Saving increases the memory usage by 5-10 MB (which really adds up since I'm saving basically every minute or two) and code view changes increase the memory by a crazy 100 MB. Since these additions don't go away, the client eventually maintains 1+ GB of memory and starts having OOM errors. Relaunching resets this value but it's still pretty annoying. Depending on what I'm doing, sometimes I have to relaunch every hour.

Is this some kind of bug with Quest's garbage collection or something?

I jump back and forth between the two, but never noticed any ram hogging...
But I'll keep an eye out for it now and see if I see it as well.

I try to use the game editor interface as much as possible. You either do that, or you look at the entire game code, and then you spend the entire time typing away on there, and then saving. Some people like The Pixie do that I think. Maybe KV but I don't remember. Also I think I heard The Pixie mentioned he sometimes has to open a game up in a program like notepad and edit the code there, but maybe just once, I'm not sure. Maybe he knew it was a possibility but didn't actually do it, my memory is fuzzy.

I only save when I need to, but then again, I work on the web editor so it auto saves. But when I work on the desktop, I save when I'm done with everything, or once in the middle of work and once at the end.

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