Hiding/Showing Conversation Topics


So I know how to show and hide verbs, example below...

this.displayverbs = ListExclude (this.displayverbs, "verbhere")

list add (this.displayverbs, "Entice")

But I'm not sure how to hide multiple conversation topics and having them revealed one at a time at the end of a topic. Would anyone be able to help me with the proper coding for that?

Thank you so much in advance.


Not sure I quite understand, and assuming this in ConvLib...

If you go to the Conversation tab, there are lists where you can set topics to show and hide after that topic has been used.

More in-depth, topics are handled very differently to verbs; they are objects in the game world. Where they appear in a list depends on their location (so they are associated with the right NPC) and their "show" and "hide" attributes. The ShowTopic and HideTopic functions will set these for you, so if you want to show or hide a topic other than when another topic is used, that is the way to go.

I don't have the newest ConvoLib. Would that be...

HideTopic ("Break the Silence")

for example?


You show be able to just drop in the latest version (but back up first!).

I just tried and it completely crashed the entire conversation tab lol. I don't think I can update it. I have v3.2 and I think the latest version is v5.0. I didn't know it was still getting updated! I guess I'll just have to do the HideTopic and such manually.

HideTopic ("Break the Silence")
ShowTopic ("Break the Silence")

^ is that how I might do it manually?


Or would it be without the quotes?

HideTopic (Break the Silence)
ShowTopic (Break the Silence)


It looks like there may be a problem with using the #dedede form of numbers, though I have no idea why it is an issue with the latest version of ConvLib and not the earlier. It also caused a problem with something else in your game. This could be a bug in the editor not liking the # character. Maybe.

You might want to look at changing them to named colours, I think it may be safer:

Yup. I've systematically changed all of the language algorithms to the new {lang:} and I've been switching all of the color codes as well from <font color:"#here"> to {color:} like you suggested. So both of those are completely finished in all the libraries and the main file. There were 7000 to change! @[email protected]

Now I just need to change the libraries of the #dedede and then I can try to re-upload the new Convo-Lib. Last time though it deleted the entire conversation tab though (so I'll back up first and let you know what happens).


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