Editor front end?

Me again! Hello!

I've been following the progress to 1.4 on GitHub, but I'd still love an editor for this.

I know time is limited and all, I just can't wait - I may have to stick with 5.8 for The Foundation after all :)

Thanks as always for the hard work!


The editor is still a work in progress, but some way off yet I am afraid.

I have abandoned the first version of the editor. I ran into issues trying to use Node.js because of the way it accesses databases. So there is a new version, this time in Python/Django.

You can see it here:

It is not in a useable state yet, in particular you cannot add exits to rooms yet. Or add new rooms or items, now I think about it, though that should be easy to do. But it does allow you to play you work-in-progress, which was a major milestone.

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