Questing System MK-II

"Wow, this Quest Library is incredibly clunky to use" - My first thoughts upon seeing Pix's questing system.

Now, that I've spent a good, frustrating while on my own version, those thought's have been replaced with "How is it so hard to make a simple questing system."

Buuuuuuuuttt, I've finally gotten to a point where I'm satisfied with the library.

So, with having gained much more respect for pix's work, here's my take on a questing system:

Featuring Quests, SubQuests and SubSubQuests, this library provides you with all your Questing needs, letting you create, manage and display them without any cumbersome Objects.

Also this should take care of most busywork and shouldn't throw any loud errors. It just screams into the void that's your log file, instead!

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